British Columbia Film Statistics    
Film and television production spending in British Columbia in 2012 totaled $1.2 billion.

British Columbia is a viable, competitive and cost effective centre for production. There were over 294 film and television productions shot in BC in 2012 compared to 281 in 2011. These included major feature films; movies-of-the-week; pilots; documentaries; mini series; TV series; and animation projects.

The majority of activity was in feature film production, which totaled $352 million in 2012. Domestic production spending in BC increased to $324 million in 2012 from $208 million in 2011. Some examples of film, television and animation productions shot in BC in 2012 include: Bates Motel; 300: Rise of an Empire; Highway Thru Hell; The Bachelor Canada; Top Chef; Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn; and Peter Pan.

Productions in Chilliwack in 2012 included feature film, No Clue; short film, Letters from a Stone Cold Killer; mini series, World on Fire; a commercial for BNY Melon; and RCMP training scenario videos.

BC's film industry is also creating a significant economic impact in other industries including construction, tourism and small business sectors such as accounting services, vehicle rentals and gas stations. Also add the earnings of approximately 30,000 British Columbia film industry employees who put their money back into the economy.

Chilliwack's Strategic Advantages

Chilliwack provides that any-town or small-town feel without the costs of moving production people and equipment to a remote location in the BC interior. Other financial benefits to filming in Chilliwack include lower location and permit costs, and a federal tax credit. Also, Chilliwack has a full support network of hotels, restaurants and large filming facilities. But what makes Chilliwack ideal is its multitude of filming locations: the former Canadian Forces Base, mountains, lakes, rivers, ski hills, farms, modern/historic sites, industrial/office buildings, nightclubs, mansions to hovels, country roads, highways and more.

Production Facilities

BC has over 70 post-production facilities, 60 shooting stages, a water tank facility, and an extensive resource of equipment rentals. BC is also home to two of the largest film and television studio facilities in Canada, and one of the largest special effects stages in North America. BC has the ability to crew and service 35 projects simultaneously. We have a host of talented actors, script writers, site location scouts, producers, location managers, researchers, filming and production crew, post-production and ancillary service companies.


British Columbia is the fourth-largest film and television service production centre in North America (behind Los Angeles and New York), contributing more than one billion dollars annually to BC's economy and providing an estimated 20,000 direct and 15,000 indirect jobs.