Work Permits & Immigration  

Most non-Canadians or non-residents of Canada require an Employment Validation to apply for an Employment Authorization (work permit).


  • Producers acting on their own behalf or representing a company coming into Canada to film are exempt from requiring an Employment Authorization. These individuals are required to report to a Canadian Immigration Officer when first entering Canada at a Point of Entry (POE).
  • Some pre-production staff are allowed to enter without Employment Validations, temporarily, for scouting a location. If these individuals return to Canada to begin production they require an Employment Validation and an Employment Authorization.


Allow three weeks to obtain Employment Authorization. To ensure faster processing, the production company representative should communicate directly with the Employer Services, Regional Shared Services of HRSDC. You will need to provide HRSDC with detailed information on the production (including a description of the project, locations, duration of stay, budget, and the number of Canadian and non-Canadian workers needed).

For more information contact:

Human Resources and Social Development Canada:

Foreign Workers Services (HRSDC): (604) 687-7803 | Toll Free 1-888-246-7712 (Toll-free in BC only).


Contact Canada Immigration at | Tel: 1-604-666-2171 | Toll free 1-888-242-2100.